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Dimensional Instruments are those which measure length, height, depth, thickness and angle.

Standards used to calibrate such instruments are of very high accuracy and made of high grade steel (except the electronic instrumentation) which are sensitive to temperature and hence calibration of such instruments are done at highly controlled environments and at a temperature of 20 degree centigrade for simplicity in calculation because all the data of the standard and unit under calibration is given at 20 deg. C. This is the reason that calibration of dimensional instruments are done at permanent accredited laboratory only and not done at customer’s site.

Ours is an NABL accredited laboratory in this field and can undertake calibration of following instruments:-
  • Vernier Calipers - dial and digital
  • Micrometer - vernier, dial and digital
  • External micrometer
  • Depth micrometer
  • Micrometer setting rods
  • Height Gauge - vernier, dial and digital
  • Dial Gauge - plunger type
  • Dial Gauge - Lever type
  • Bore Gauge
  • Plain Plug Gauge
  • Setting Plug Gauge
  • Feeler Gauge
  • Plastic foil/ Shims
  • Bevel Protractor
  • Degree Protractor
  • Pistol Caliper
  • Electronic Probe with DRO
  • Dial Thickness Gauge
  • Measuring Pins
  • Measuring Scale
  • Measuring Tape
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