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Electrical Safety is the most primary and essential product compliance requirement for any product that uses electricity.

In most markets, it is mandatory for a product to conform to safety standards outlined by safety & standard agencies. And to conform to such standards, the product must pass various safety tests such as Dielectric voltage-withstand test,



The ground circuit is the second level of protection against electric shock beyond a product's basic insulation. The Ground Bond test is normally specified to test the protective grounding circuit within a product. The Ground Bonding test determines whether the safety ground circuit of the product under test can adequately handle fault current if the product should ever become defective. A low impedance ground system is critical in ensuring that in case of a product failure, a circuit breaker on the input line will act quickly to protect the user from any serious electrical shock. Ground Bond Testing verifies the continuity of the protective bonding of the equipment designed to secure safety through the basic insulation and protective grounding. It is also called earth (ground) bonding test.


A ground bond test applies a higher ac current to the ground connection. A ground bond test checks the integrity of the connection and its ability to sustain high current. Most standards require that the resistance from mains ground (protective earth) to the conductive surface on the product does not exceed 0.1 Ω. In conclusion, a Ground Bond test in production can provide information from which it can be assumed whether or not the ground was assembled tightly. It may also determine if the correct gauge wire was used. This can be a valuable tool in examining process variation and assist in the elimination of failures.


The Ground Bond test is required by certifying agencies for compliance testing of products. It is generally extensive and covers all aspects of electrically safety tests.


The Ground Bond test is most often found as a type test but can also be specified as a 100% production line test.

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