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Electrical Safety is the most primary and essential product compliance requirement for any product that uses electricity.

In most markets, it is mandatory for a product to conform to safety standards outlined by safety & standard agencies. And to conform to such standards, the product must pass various safety tests such as Dielectric voltage-withstand test,



The Insulation Resistance test detects insulation defects by measuring the resistance. If the insulation resistance is sufficient (a value specified by a standard), the equipment meets the requirements for preventing electric shock and fire accidents.

The insulation resistance test does not substitute the high voltage test. Effective insulation is a requirement to provide adequate protection against direct contact, and to prevent the likelihood of short circuits and earth faults. Faulty insulation can give rise to undue leakage currents and can present a risk to persons and especially livestock. Obviously, faulty insulation and the possibility of a spark give rise to the risk of fire. Many standards and safety agencies have specified Insulation Resistance test as a 100% routine test for all products. This test may be additionally carried out every time after a maintenance procedure or repairing of a product is done or on a periodic basis. Some of the more common causes of insulation failure include excessive heat or cold, moisture, aging, corrosive atmospheres and vibration.

Insulation Resistance test gives an insulation value usually in Megohms. Typically, the higher the insulation resistance values, the better the condition of the insulation.


Although the Insulation Resistance test can be a predictor of insulation condition, it does not replace the need to perform a dielectric withstand test.

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