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Thermal (Temperature) Calibration:

Temperature calibration covers calibration of either temperature sensor, temperature sensor with indicator or only temp. indicator i.e the temperature measuring device/instrumentation and calibration of temperature source i.e. oven, furnace, bath etc., etc.

Calibration of temp. sensor and temp. sensor with indicator is done by comparison method utilising a temperature source i.e temp. bath and a standards RTD or thermocouple depending upon the temp. range and the desired uncertainty in measurement.

Calibration of only temp. indicator can be done by temp. simulation method i.e feeding milli volt signal to the indicator. An alternate method can also be used to calibrate temp. indicator by utilising a standard temp. sensor along with the indicator and a temp. source i.e. temp. bath but the first method is more accurate and less time consuming.

Calibration of industrial temp. source (bath/oven/furnace etc.) is basically calibration of temp. indicator of that source by comparison method utilising a standard RTD or thermocouple. If the temp. bath is used as a source in a calibration lab. for calibration of temp. sensors, linearity and homogeneity (axial as well as radial) must be established for that source which will be used as factors for calculating expanded uncertainty for calibration of temp. Sensors.

Our Temperature calibration lab. is NABL accredited and open for industry. In general, all the temp. source is calibrated in-situ due to its bulkiness. Temp. Sensors with and without indicator and only temp. Indicators are calibrated in permanent lab. site. Only temperature indicator/controller can be calibrated at customer’s site also on demand from industry.

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