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Adhesion testing after the coating process will quantify the strength of the bond between substrate and coating, or between different coating layers or the cohesive strength of some substrates. Adhesion Testers assess the resistance of paints and coatings to separation from substrates. It can be used for a quick 'pass/fail' test, or when assessing a multi-coat system to determine the resistance to separation of individual layers. It measures the adhesion strength of coatings (including paint, plastic, sprayed metal, epoxy and varnish). Routine adhesion testing is used as part of inspection and maintenance procedures to help detect potential coating failures.

Adhesion gauges are essentially used to determine the bond strength between two layers. In this way, these easy to use gauges are ideal for measuring a wide range of applications, which include concrete structural repairs as well as other types of coating adhesion on concrete - such as paint, cement, wall plaster, etc. Elcometer offer a highly comprehensive range of Adhesion Gauges designed specifically to meet the requirements.

Adhesion testing can be one tool among many to assess the adhesion characteristics of an existing coating system, and a very limited one at that.


The following surface preparation procedures serve as a general guideline for most paint applications. Surfaces should be tested for adhesion and compatibility of material.



          Apply the paint or medium to prepared surface and let dry thoroughly. Wait 72 hours for acrylic paint to cure before continuing. (longer in humid conditions).

          When completely dry, score surface in a crosshatch pattern using a sharp knife.

          Apply masking tape to surface & burnish.

           Remove masking tape slowly.

          If any paint comes off with the tape, good surface adhesion has not been achieved. Either a different surface preparation is necessary or the particular support is not suitable for the paint or medium tested.

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