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The test used to detect open circuits (or to see if the circuit is complete or continuous) is Continuity Testing.

A Continuity Test is performed over an electronic circuit in order to check proper flowing of electric current. A continuity test is done to determine whether a circuit is open or closed. Open circuits are those in which the flow of current is interrupted by a broken wire, defective switch, or any means by which the current cannot flow. A closed circuit has continuity. Continuity Test can be performed with the help of Multimeters (also called a multitester) or a continuity tester (a simple device that lights up to indicate continuity), which can compute electric current. This test can be performed by placing a small voltage in series across the chosen path. If electron flow is inhibited by broken conductors, damaged components, or excessive resistance, then the circuit is "open".

An ohmmeter (which contains its own batteries) is excellent for use in a continuity test. Normally, continuity tests are performed in circuits where the resistance is very low, such as the resistance of a copper conductor. An open is indicated in these circuits by a very high or infinite resistance between two continuously connected points.

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