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The AC dielectric withstand (hipot) test is the most commonly specified product safety test that is required as both a performance or type test and a 100% production line test on electrical products. The test is performed on the dielectric material or insulation of a product to determine if the material can withstand a deliberate application of high voltage without breaking down. AC hipot testing offers the advantage of stressing the insulation alternately in  both polarities, which more closely simulates stresses the product will see in real use. Since AC testing cannot charge a capacitive load, the current reading remains consistent from initial application of the voltage to the end of the test. Therefore, there is no need to gradually bring up the voltage since there is no stabilization required to monitor the current reading. This means that unless the product is sensitive to a sudden application of voltage the operator can immediately apply full voltage and read current without any wait time. Another advantage of AC testing is that since AC voltage cannot charge a load there is no need to discharge the item under test after the test.

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